s-au golit de sinea lor toate tuburile cu vopsea
pe chipul tău…
un șevalet
așa, cu degetele mânjite de timp
schițez rafale de vânt
și-s zile de februarie
și pânze-n gând
în care doar soarele-mi ustură buzele crăpate
iar eu?

I am a story teller. A fast one. My job is my playground and I love making puzzles from each story that my clients have. I have a solid background as economic journalist, and I worked for business media institutes in Romania such as Bursa, Business Cover, Forbes, Adevărul, Capital and also New Money. I am equally a reader and a traveler and I get inspiration from all the things I find on the way. (& you can find me on http://redteapr.com)


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